The Wren Family

est. 2008

We were married in October (yes, there was ice cream served beside the wedding cake!) and three weeks later we began our dairy farm. Dairy farming became our way of life; over the next 14 years we grew the business, grew the milking herd & family herd, and we grew up a little ourselves.

dairy farming is… hard

The quiet mornings milking, the bitter cold February’s tending to calves, and the late afternoon hustle & bustle to finish chores and keep the kids from fighting too much. Life is just hard, entreprenurship is hard… and dairy farming is whole different level of hard.

The ebbs and flows of the dairy industry are something you can only really understand if you are a dairy farm family; and sometimes working a second job to support your main job is necessary.  We stayed in business during really difficult times in the dairy industry by working jobs off the farm.

then came the changes

In 2019 we found a 1964 Stardust camper buried in the weeds and purchased it; this lead to a very long and challenging (and not entirely romantic) renovation to create the mobile ice cream trailer you see today as Black Bird Ice Cream.

We were dairy farmers for 14 years, but towards the end we felt like our new found interests were pulling us in different directions. In 2022 we said good-bye to the dairy operation. Though milking cows everyday is not part of our current lifestyle we will always carry with us the lessons, love, and commitment needed to be farmers.

Today we are focus more on crop farming, raising calves, and scooping up everyone’s favorite dairy product - ICE CREAM!

(photo credit QueenBee Photography, LLC)

Prescott, Michigan

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